Lolcow Blues” is the hard-hitting new single from CrackedRac. As hard as it is melodic, Lolcow Blues cuts the perfect balance between heavy and normal. Lolcow Blues by CrackedRack is a powerful, beautiful, and deep-cutting endeavor into a level of emotion seldom discussed in the rap and hip-hop genres. The title itself is a poignant reference to both smoking and the attitude of complete emotional withdrawal. 

There are a number of ways and a number of settings in which to experience this release, but wherever you choose to take it on – volume is key. Listen in full and listen loud – that’s where the brilliance of the detail and the combined layers and intricacies really become something intensely uplifting; the perfect bit of escapism for the long-term dance fans who’ve missed the warm embrace of authentic hip-hop.

Beginning with intensity and a dreamlike ocean of synths, the track picks you up from the offset and begins to loop hypnotically in the way that only hardcore, finely-tuned releases can. The nostalgia is strong but this is also clearly something fresh – ready for today’s world and hopefully set to reignite the fire among hip-hop communities worldwide.

Lolcow Blues fuses elements of hip-hop and rap with those a little more trip-hop inspired. The soundscape is as creative as ever, never the type to simply let a beat play and let a vocalist run wild upon it – the artist takes the time to craft something complex and worthwhile. Having said that, none of the complexity takes anything away from the soothing aura of the track. On the contrary, it’s this professional approach that lets the song work so effectively. When you listen at volume, the beat keeps you feeling relaxed and the voices work in unison with this. The rap and the melody alike, while different in presentation and the effects featured, both help keep things moving in a delicate and seductive way.

As things progress, the track brings in a subtle but essential vocal part – adding that melodic touch of humanity, a hint of lyricism and intention; meaning, and direction. It’s modest in nature but it adds so much and simultaneously refuses to take anything away from the central vibrancy and power of the soundscape.

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