Girls of the Internet deliver their Live Broadcasting House Show from the Defected Basement, stylishly combining the irresistible energy and distorted euphoria of late-night summer dance with blissfully delicate vocals of poetic and passionate origins.

Girls of the Internet is a UK-based electronic music trio known for its eclectic disco-inspired house music. Since their debut release in 2017, they have swiftly risen up the ranks, with their productions finding a home on labels such as Defected and Heist Recordings. They have also received critical acclaim for their two self-released albums.

With support from DJs such as Pete Tong, Nemone, The Blessed Madonna, Jamie xx, and Axel Boman, and accolades such as a BBC 6 Music ‘Album Of The Year,’ a mix for Apple Music’s Beats One Radio ‘One Mix’ series, and a sell-out debut live show at London’s Night Tales venue, Girls of the Internet show no signs of slowing down.

Drawing inspiration from the past 50 years of dance music, Girls’ music joins the dots between house, garage, disco, techno, and dub – creating something that glances back into dance music’s history whilst keeping its eyes firmly on the future.

The sound play and the EDM vibes are very attractive in their music. We really like how they were able to mix different genres and create a sound that is unique to them. The vocals are also very pleasant and add a nice touch to the overall feel of the music.

Although the show runs a little bit too long, the listener won’t feel bored because Girls of the Internet keep the energy up throughout the entire show. It’s impressive how they faultlessly move from one track to another and keep the crowd pumped up.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the Girls of the Internet Live Broadcasting House Show from the Defected Basement. The music was great, we were hyped, and the overall atmosphere was electric. We would definitely recommend checking out their music if you’re a fan of house or disco-inspired electronic music.

A perfect musical journey for a late-night drive or a hangover chill, this is a broadcasting show not to be missed.

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