BadKarma leads with a straightforward and unmistakable style for this decidedly honest new cover song, “LIU KANG,” with raw and emotional composition and performance, as well as a somewhat elusive or humble presence.

“LIU KANG” works fast to engage, appealing for its confidence, attitude, and inspirational qualities. It is somewhat classic in style but contemporary in the framework – the space, the rise and fall, and flawless rhythm.

Classic beats are combined with a neatly mixed vocal style and a tone that modestly allows the poetic outpouring to stand tall. The cover of “LIU KANG” is a bold entrance that reaches out like a freestyle – relentless and breathless as it sets the atmosphere and delivers the story with poignancy and unique intensity.

BadKarma exemplifies the family’s innate talent and confidence, boasting years of industry expertise and now pushing out more boldly than ever with this unique swagger and memorable, cocky yet compelling manner of mastering the mic.

The music is terrific, and the performance is increasingly captivating, revealing, and honest while remaining optimistic and centered on personal power. 

BadKarma’s latest cover, “LIU KANG,” is loaded with Classic good vibes, sharp production, and distinctively engaging raps, swiftly going from good to fantastic to quite gorgeous in its actual perspective on brighter days. 

He will, without a doubt, not be the last time we hear of him. Check out BadKarma’s entire catalog to see for yourself.

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