Simply Kill, brings music fans a spacious and melodically entrancing new groove with his single As You Mean It. It keeps a steady bounce throughout, amidst a fairly spacious soundscape, and within this, he details his lifestyle and his current journey through music and the world as an aspiring artist. All of this is subtle, but these are the details that help build something appealing and which connects. It’s a song that has something for everyone. With the electro vibe, it creates a unique and refreshing scene compared to a typical hip-hop song. 

Simply Kill is an Unsigned artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Since he started his music journey he always enjoyed the benefits of being independent.  With his dedication to perfection, he works so hard to fine-tune to achieve the high bar he has set for himself. Not only through pleasing his audience with quality music he wants to inspire others and change the world for the better through his songs. This will be the first song of his upcoming album “Lord Scorp”. This is the kind of moment and indeed a song that music fans can turn to and escape within, questioning things themselves, whilst being calmed by the overall good energy and multi-colored ambiance of the single. 

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