Hefty beats with a thick edge of bass, compared yet still praised by a smoother, lighter vocal line – Simply Kill, brings together melody and rap for this exclusively detailed scene-setter of a late-night anthem, “Like You Mean It”.

Simply Kill is an Unsigned versatile artist from Pittsburgh, PA. He is an outstanding artist in Pittsburgh who predominantly records Hip-hop. Part of the ScorpTies movement. He has his own sound and goes by the name Simply Kill. “Like You Mean It” is the first single in his upcoming EP “Lord Scorp,” produced by J-Pad da Juggernaut.

Drawing interest for its title alone, “Like You Mean It” showcases a clever way with modern sound design and broad plea. The release has the workings of a new hip-hop track, party inspired by RnB tunes but with a rhythmic vocal for the rap-like edge. In the long run, it introduces Simply Kill with subtle confidence and a similarly delicate level of identity.

Lyrically renewed, deep and honest but still elegantly tuned in with what works on a modern level, Simply Kill hitches effective, memorable song-writing, with unusual descriptions and an emerging storyline.

The product works well. Synths and workings offer a welcomed growth on the style, a little more colorful and almost dance-ready in its roundness and multi-layered hug. An easy alternative hit to let play.

Featuring more than a few significant drops from the calm back into the grip of the groove, the track “Like You Mean It” has the makings of a delicately unforgettable indie hit. Furthermore, Simply Kill’s voice has a precise level of identity to it – skill and personality combined with a passion for impressive results.

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