New York, NY – Levi James, an exceptional artist known for his unparalleled musical talent and captivating performances, unveils his latest masterpiece, “I Shall Be Released” – an enchanting Nina Simone Trio cover that transcends genres. With his remarkable proficiency in soul, R&B, pop, and his virtuoso skills on the piano, Levi James continues to mesmerize audiences worldwide.

As a highly accomplished professional musician and esteemed ensemble leader at Columbia University Department, Levi James effortlessly shines on every musical front. His exceptional versatility and multifaceted artistry are showcased through his roles as the primary songwriter, lyricist, vocalist, pianist, video editor, and social media manager for the band Twice Shy, which he co-founded in the summer of 2021.

Collaborating with the esteemed multi-GRAMMY-nominated musician Eric Harland, Levi James embarked on the production of an EP that explores the boundaries of musical innovation. The electric debut show of Twice Shy at Rockwood Stage 2 in 2021, captivating an audience of over 100 people, further solidified Levi James’s status as a remarkable musical force.

“I Shall Be Released” stands as a testament to Levi James’s artistry and mastery. This soul-stirring rendition effortlessly fuses soul, R&B, and pop elements, immersing listeners in an enchanting and transformative musical journey. Levi James’s piano expertise, coupled with his heartfelt vocal delivery, creates a captivating rendition that pays homage to Nina Simone Trio while showcasing his unique interpretation.

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