Lemon Pepper Freestyle urges you to turn up the volume, appreciating the various intricacies of the soundscape and losing yourself in the energy at the very same time. Juice The Mac brings you Lemon Pepper Freestyle hoping to hit the charts in hip hop genre.

Juice The Mac is a hip-hop artist based in Oklahoma City. Lemon Pepper Freestyle is his debut song released on Youtube accompanied with a video. He is hoping to contribute to the music industry by releasing more songs in the future.

Lemon Pepper Freestyle rides the simple energy of a classic hip hop and rap-style beat. Emerging complete with a set of visuals depicting the artist and his image on par with the quality of the production, Lemon Peppr Freestyle features a refreshingly mellow mixed vocal, humble in tone and presentation but bold in subject and performance.

Juice The Mac’s vocal play is refreshing and unexpected in this context, his spoken-word style holding attention for its humble air of confidence. Excellent quality music production for an up-and-coming artist.

Watch the official music video release of Lemon Pepper Freestyle on Youtube.

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