Legend is a lengthy characterful rap-led single that presents an intense thinking lyricist LJak and a distinct approach to hip hop. These ideals are underlined early on, and the story continues to take numerous paths as it progresses.

LJak is a poet and artist who uses music to inspire contemplation in his audience. His music touches on love and the need to challenge traditional thought in order to find reality, and he is noted for his delivery and the way he employs context to draw in his listeners.

Musically, the single uses a non-traditional hip hop sound, with specific riffs standing out. “Legend” blends genres in a somewhat fearless yet seamless and colorful fashion, with layers of current synth, keys, and rhythm, splashes of percussion, and prominent, intimate vocals between rap and hip hop-style melodies.

Ljak’s new single Legend speaks on confidence, rising, and the inevitability of success, yet does so in a decidedly clever way. The style is unmistakably influenced by recent hip-hop and rap. Still, there’s also a noticeable thread of something older and a distinct air of personality to the overall delivery and the way the words are constructed.

The entire thing inspires, urges you to pay closer attention — Ljak’s poetic references, the way he frames each bar and notion, all retain attention with ease.

Despite the soundscape’s leisurely pace and seductive groove, complete with beats, modern keys, and subtle rhythms – even the soulful vocal for the surprising latter-half breakaway — the verses are intense. A single listen is insufficient to grasp every point and line LJak throws into the mix.

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