Protestsound pushes the boundaries of contemporary genre fusion by infusing emotive songwriting into a rock kissed hip hop sound, “Legacy,” and style for a fully immersive, addictive hit of modern hip hop and evocative conceptual imagery.

These past two years have been a sound odyssey for PROTESTSOUND. Now it’s time to return to reality. They gave it their all and played their most excellent song. Guitars are blaring in the foreground. They’re from the street where ghosts are still playing the Ramones.

Protestsound has been very active with LPS, EPS, and SINGLES in the last two years.

Protestsound has presented a song to kick off the new year gave an appearance on MIX TYPE. This is a new version that includes a rap. They did, in fact, offer a great female artist to rap on this powerful song. The song is shorter and more to the point. Of course, there are rock influences with the guitars, but the goal was to introduce a hip-hop song. Even though Protestsound is a pop-punk rock band, they enjoy hip hop as well.

Protestsound aims high once more with the well-captured and passionate “Legacy,” bringing a classic rock arrangement merged with an equally classic, nostalgically excellent manner of composing to explore the complexities of modern rap and hip hop.

“Legacy,” which blends distorted guitar riffs and compressed beats alongside a raw yet easily recognizable vocal outpouring of the vocalist, is somewhat varied and diverse in the genre but rooted in groove and volume.

“Legacy” offers captivating vocals that meander through a succession of diverse styles and phases, introducing the band at the peak of its game, with impeccable production weaving together rock and modern hip hop within an edge of creative inventiveness.

The release, which scoots in at just under three minutes, manages to hit hard and keep its rhythmic, melodic hook lingering deeper than the standard hip hop release. Protestsound follows the lead of creativity, and it works. Hopefully, there will be more to come.

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