Joey calveiro’s performance style has a really unique presentation to it. His latest release, includes the gradually developing and particularly unpredictable and spacious LEGACY”, and this is just a fraction of what his performance amounts to. Joey calveiro is a 15 year old sax jazz player that is doing an album with rename jazz artist.

Beginning and progressing for the most part with the simple pathway of a saxophone part, the song is driven forwards by a meandering melody line and a varied and consistently rising level of passion witnessed in the leading performance. If at first the track feels like a simple ballad, as the title implies and the saxophone and the softness of the opening guitar support, it later evolves to become something of a modern day, jazz-inspired ode to deep thinking.

For what emerges as a gentle saxophone ballad, led by a stunning performance of the instrument, surrounded and supported by a simple string section to warm up the outer edges, the song evolves into something mighty and striking. The music builds in the way that classical jazz songs build, the sort that make the final few moments of any epic or love themed movie. In this case though, it represents much more than that – an ode to a life well lived, well loved, and deeply treasured. It’s emotional to witness the rising energy of the music. It’s a beautiful soundscape, soft and delicate at first, almost whispered, later bursting into life as this powerful and captivating performance that meets the weight and drama of the music flawlessly.

There are always so many good things to say about Joey calveiro’s songwriting. It’s great to hear that this particular song is being given the attention and recognition it deserves, particularly considering its message, its depth, and its importance. This re-master, as it were, has really brightened up every possible moment with the track. You can hear the organic individuality of each instrument, and yet at the same time you can lose yourself in the ambiance and gentle rhythm of it all – the overall finish underlines a certain unity between everything involved, so that hopeful warmth and that equally emotional sense of concern for the future arrive in hypnotic harmony with one another. It’s a beautiful song with a stunning video to accompany the underlying sentiment.

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