Laurette la Perle, the renowned Central African artist, is unveiling a vibrant auditory tapestry with her latest single ‘Nga na Yo’, now premiering on YouTube. Notorious for her unique blend of Popurbaine, Rumba Urbaine, Afropop, and RnB, Laurette infuses her African roots with contemporary melodies, creating an immersive soundscape that transcends borders.

‘Nga na Yo’ is a symphony of rich, rhythmic harmonies underpinned by Laurette’s signature vocal prowess, establishing a dynamic juxtaposition between traditional Rumba Urbaine beats and the modern nuances of Popurbaine. The song exemplifies her aptitude for crafting tracks that strike a chord with both local and international audiences.

Having received critical acclaim as the ‘Best Female Artist in Central Africa’ in 2014 and a nominee for ‘Best Francophone MTV Africa’ in 2015, Laurette continues to redefine African music, consolidating her status as a visionary on the global stage. Immerse yourself in the world of ‘Nga na Yo’ and experience Laurette la Perle’s extraordinary musical voyage.

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