Soche reignites hip hop’s sharp and clever corners with this intentional, scene-setting new release, “Lately,” which features ambient sound design steeped in mystery, rhythm and melody, cinematic intricacy, and conceptual appeal.

Soche is a singer and producer from Canada who was born just outside of Toronto. She picked up her first Macbook during her high school years in Dubai, UAE, discovered Garageband, and boarded a musical journey that has only grown stronger. On the opposite side of the world, days and nights were spent producing beats, writing, and recording. Music took a back seat to film production after returning to Toronto, eventually migrating to Los Angeles, near Orange County.

Soche’s sound showcases her sincere, relatable songwriting in a hard-hitting, atmospheric environment, motivated by a dual passion for beat composition and her upbringing in a dance music-heavy world. Her vocals float over self-produced noises, shifting between high and low tones to maximize each moment. Her music is a diverse palette with something for everyone, based on inner dialogue and propelled by impulse.

As Soche performs a tremendously impressive piece of music, an audience is drawn in by a dreamy production and an immediately intense, engaging array of bars that are immediately captivating “Lately.”

This song is a must-listen with faultless vocal rhythm and lyrical developments that are always on topic. “Lately” begins with a simple soundscape to set the tone, and the rest of the song keeps the listener’s attention focused on the artist as she masterfully details the highs and lows of her journey.

“Lately,” which brings together the timeless elements of hip hop with the more contemporary production choices of the genre, feels at once like a golden classic, an outstanding alternative, and a modern twist.

Ultimately, “Lately” shows to be an impressive and catchy anthem at its core by utilizing the identity of voice and intention. However, the continuous usage of production complexities throughout, combined with a somewhat classic hip hop beat and clean, crisp mastering, provides a distinct perspective on the genre that blends with this empowering tone for a huge overall success.

The music has a distinct personality while keeping the essential threads of contemporary hip hop alive and engaged at the forefront — a wonderfully created balance.

It’s worthwhile to hear from an artist with a distinct background and an earnest, skillful style of vocals and songwriting to back it up.

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