Lo-fi good vibes and gentle yet assertive vocals create a space for continually relevant ideas — rhythmic hip hop kissed Lo-Fi with precise and mesmerizing roots. Throughout an intriguing and stunning “Late Nights & Caffeine,” ODDxRude keeps things on track.

After spending several years hunting for his own sound, before settling nicely into the niche of lo-fi grunge rap in the four months, ODDxRude has been releasing music under his new persona. He’s already reached over 14k plays and is growing. We can expect to see countless great things from ODDxRude this year. 

Throughout the unique setup that is “Late Nights & Caffeine,” simple good vibes meet impressively creative, detailed yet immersive production.

Throughout this structurally interesting new soundtrack, ODDxRude makes acceptable use of engaging sounds and catchy rhythms.

Simple positive feelings collide with astonishingly innovative, complicated yet hypnotic production throughout “Late Nights & Caffeine,” an imaginative piece.

Throughout this intriguing new release, ODDxRude makes excellent use of hooky tunes and catchy beats. An atmospheric and mesmerizing “Late Nights & Caffeine” begins with a brilliantly composed Lo-Fi soundtrack with natural color and energy, introducing the artist’s classically free-flowing vocal style.

ODDxRude’s innate connection to the art form and his laid-back performing manner and passionate writing create a degree of genuineness and gentle leadership that comfortably embraces an audience.

Impressive, humble, lovely, and musically engaging enough to keep the whole arrangement fascinating all the way through. He is an artist whose work exudes a blissfully unrestrained sense of artistry and freedom.

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