Laid back” is yet another insightful and peaceful artistry from Florida-based DEntertainment that comes in the shape of a twisting and intriguing combination of real impact, samples, and natural melody and music that is accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack.

DEntertainment, a creative composer, has composed another delightfully immersive, peaceful track with distinct ambiances. When you listen to the incredibly calming and aptly titled soundtrack “Laid back,” you will be transported to the ocean, surrounded by nature’s audio and soothing washes of synth-strings in tandem.

It’s easy to see “Laid back” as well suited to the sleepy time that so many of us put together. Listening and focusing on the intricacies becomes difficult after a time due to the overall softness and cradling quiet.

 It is, however, unquestionably worthwhile to listen during the day – notably for the track’s promise of focus and clarity. The movement through each is modest yet critical to the full expression of the theme.

DEntertainment continually produces and composes in a unique and astounding style; the detail and genuineness of the sound are impressive.

Laid back” relaxes the soul in a gently compelling way, whether as a companion to meditation, a form of keeping a relaxed state of mind all through the day, to appreciate a deep infusion of the melodies, or simply a go-to for a more relaxing environment when resting.

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