ATLANTA, GA – LIVDIGITL, the dynamic collaborative duo based in Atlanta, has released their latest single “SKIN.” The track is a perfect blend of sultry, moody, and sexy that showcases their unique soundscapes and raw, authentic style.

With an unmistakable sound that blends elements of dance pop, electronic dance, hip hop, and house music, LIVDIGITL has quickly become a rising star in the Atlanta music scene. The duo consists of producer and composer, TeeGo and singer-songwriter, Liv V.

Their latest release “SKIN” is a captivating track that features Liv V’s powerful and emotive vocals layered over a pulsating beat. The song explores the concept of love, vulnerability, and intimacy in a unique and provocative way.

LIVDIGITL’s music is a reflection of their innovative and boundary-pushing style. Their sound is raw, honest, and truly unforgettable. The duo’s ability to create a mood with their music is nothing short of remarkable.

Listeners can expect to hear more from LIVDIGITL as they continue to make waves in the music industry. With “SKIN” as their latest offering, the future looks bright for this dynamic duo.

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