The lyrics have more poetry, wonder, and wisdom, which hangs back well with the reverb-kissed feel.

L.A. Bliss conveys a sound like no other that shows raw emotions & modern pleasures to meld relatable music for any listener. A faithful hack, Lisa Chambliss is the pop singer-songwriter who records as L.A. Bliss. Rising being called L.A. (Lisa Anne) by her father & with Bliss being a show on Chambliss, this alter-ego is Lisa’s fashion of expressing herself the best way she knows how; through music. She has lived many lives, worked a countless number of jobs, & struggled the whole time up to now, where she’s finally able to release the songs that are the soundtrack to underscore it all.

Daring to suggest, perhaps, but you’d let us off for believing, should you not be familiar with popular music from previous eras, that L.A. Bliss’ L A Sirens is an undying pop-rock original.

The creation, the performance – there’s a positive chemical balance between passion and care that allows the natural warmth and inspiring energy of this single to connect

In short, it’s a stunning track, complete with cascading guitars and the full-throttle organic rock set-up, twisted to a crisp and contemporary finish. All at once, a more than praiseworthy ode to a classic track and a delicate outline to the project and indeed singer L.A. Bliss’ rock-ready vocal ability and evident immersion within the moment.

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