With a focused production and snappy content with highly effective overtones, L.A. Bliss’ latest song, “Bloodline,” is a cleanly combined synthesis of excitement and professionalism, and it is available now.

L.A. Bliss has a unique sound that combines genuine emotions and modern pleasures to create music relatable to any listener. Lisa Chambliss, a faithful factotum, is a pop singer-songwriter who goes by the stage name L.A. Bliss. Growing up being referred to as L.A. (Lisa Anne) by her father, and with Bliss being a play on Chambliss, this alter-ego is Lisa’s method of expressing herself the best way she knows how; through music. She’s lived several lives, performed a variety of jobs, and struggled her entire life until now when she’s finally able to release the songs that serve as the soundtrack to it all.

L.A. Bliss is happy to be someone who has lived many lives within one, and she shares music that recounts the story of her journey. Her music is being used as a tool to express her tale consciously. L.A. Bliss’ music tries to inspire, take risks, and heal others, and she wants her audience to know they aren’t alone. Her music aims to leave listeners with an open heart and anticipation for what’s to come.

L.A. Bliss’ clean vocals meander across a colorful pop backdrop as she gets honest and intimate with the irresistible new single “Bloodline” as a singer and artist.

The record feels like a gift from the past in some ways, a summer hit from a more specific period, freely merging the elements of trendy alt-pop composition with a natural edge of mellow hip hop and flickers of identity threaded in for a cinematic combination. 

But, at the same spell, it succeeds in keeping things fresh and intriguing, thanks to beautiful vocal phrasings and the overall quiet assurance.

The song, which serves as an introduction to L.A. Bliss, is both sympathetic and creatively impactful. The concept and structure have a lot of familiar layers. Still, there is also a lot of originality, enough to give the track a natural edge of passion and design independence.

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