The management division of Kygo‘s Palm Tree Crew has partnered with Live Nation.

The new partnership is intended to expand opportunities for Palm Tree Crew Management’s dance/electronic-focused roster, which currently includes Kygo, Dean Lewis, Gryffin, Sam Feldt, Frank Walker, Forester, Thomas Jack and Petey Martin. 

Palm Tree Crew Management was founded in 2018 by Kygo (born Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll) and his manager Myles Shear. The Palm Tree umbrella also includes Palm Tree Records (a global joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment) and an international festival series. Live Nation co-promoted recent Palm Tree Crew Festivals in Dana Point, Calif. and Aspen, Colo.

“We are working with some incredible artists at the top of their games, and we’re so excited to have Live Nation as a partner as we continue to discover new talent and grow Palm Tree Crew Management,” says Palm Tree Crew Management CEO/co-founder Shear in a statement.

Shear has managed Kygo since discovering the artist on Soundcloud in 2013. Their partnership ultimately led to Kygo and Palm Tree Crews’s global success in myriad music and business ventures.

“Myles and Kygo are entrepreneurs at their core,” adds Live Nation Entertainment president/CEO Michael Rapino. “We’ve already worked on some great events together and we look forward to expanding our support as they help even more artists grow their careers.”

Palm Tree Crew also includes Palm Tree Crew Hold Co., an investment fund Shear and Kygo launched in 2020 with $7.5 million in private funding. Palm Tree Crew Hold Co. now includes PTC Crypto, a cryptocurrency fund that raised $20 million upon its 2021 launch, says Shear.

“I would never sit in my room and think, ‘I’m going to have hotels one day,’ but Myles is always thinking one step ahead,” Kygo told Billboard in a 2022 cover story. “He’s talking about Palm Tree restaurants, Palm Tree hotels. He has the biggest plans in the world and he’s working at a thousand miles an hour every day, and I’m just trying to keep up.”

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