Munky, the co-founder and guitarist of iconic nu metal band Korn, has launched an experimental electronic project, Venera. A debut, self-titled album is due to release in October.

Venera is a duo consisting of Munky and Chris Hunt, a composer and filmmaker based in Atlanta. They released “Swarm,” a distorted single accompanied by an eerie visualizer, at the end of July.

They’ve now released “Hologram” to give fans another glimpse into the sounds of the upcoming album. With its deep bass and ambient sound design, the experimental bass track is both haunting and chilling.

“‘Hologram’ emerged quickly from our first session together,” Munky said in a statement. “A nearly unchanging drum machine pattern nested in warbling guitars. We don’t interact much with holograms but they seem to offer an image of an alluring emptiness and light, which resonates well with the universe we are driven to explore.”

Venera’s new single is accompanied by a music video created by EFFIXX and Colombian 3D designer Samanta Garcia. You can listen to “Hologram” and watch the music video below.



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