With his catchy alternative new single “KickBack,” rapper and artist FGM Cuzo takes things back to the melodic roots of hip hop and rap music.

“KickBack” is a catchy and powerful track that sets the tone for the rest of FGM Cuzo’s back catalog. It features a multi-layered soundscape as well as an instantly recognizable vocal style and presentation, all of which can be heard throughout the rest of the artist’s discography.

The song feels more like a freestyle than ever before, with lyrics that are focused on the topic but at odds with the optimism of the music as the lyrics meander exhaustedly through a series of intimate musings, as opposed to a traditional song.

The verses captivate and impress as the energy remains high throughout – always resolving to the mellow embrace of that simple, melodic hook. Featuring FGM Cuzo’s swift vocal tone of recognizable origins, as well as some of his sharpest bars to date, the verses captivate and impress as the energy remains high throughout.

However, despite the effects, FGM Cuzo infuses the track with personality and distinguishable characteristics. This strength can be found throughout his discography – he maintains quiet confidence while taking advantage of the microphone with switches inflow and an evident passion for the process of performing.

“KickBack” is a song that is rightfully gaining popularity across all platforms. It pays homage to a simpler time while also incorporating a distinct edge of modern personality and purpose into the mix. It’s simple good vibes that are both familiar and new enough to be appealing. Hopefully, there will be plenty more music released in the future.

Captivating while also contemplative to a bold and poignant degree, this is the perfect uplifting track for your playlist, and it serves as an excellent introduction to a rapper who places both talent and intelligence at the leading edge of his work.

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