Great songwriting from Hip hop artists brings a brilliant hit of rhythm and good vibes in the form of a new single KIA. While there’s a fairly raw finish to the production and the vocals, this gives the song a kind of authentic, indie aura. And even in the face of limitations, the songwriting is the key, and the way JimmyHD switches up the flow, moves from lower tones to falsetto, rap to melody, all helps further that inherent groove that gives the single such a mighty energy and bounce.

JimmyHD is an emerging Haitian rapper/producer from Orlando, FL. As a kid, he grew up listening to southern and underground hip hop classics and was so passionate about music. He started rapping when he was 11 years and by the age of 17 JimmyHD started producing music too. He likes to experiment and bring something new to his audience. What makes him special is his style of production and his strong wordplay. He is not trapped in one genre. His capacity ranges from hip hop and trap to experimental. Through his songs, he talks about his views on historical and political things too. You can feel his pure feelings when you listen to his music. He is partnering up with Freny & Wavy 93 to bring you this gem of a song from his latest EP “youKnowHeRap?”.

Underneath it all, a simple keyboard progression offers a four-chord loop, a tripped upbeat keeps things moving in the backdrop, and a longer-form, retro synth plays out an additional melody to add further character and fill out the quiet spaces. Meanwhile, JimmyHD takes full command of the performance, meandering through these various sections with style, confidence, and faultless rhythm. Really well done, an easy track to get on board with. 

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