Music is a universal language that everyone loves and is addicted to. Poppichi is one of the most amazing, talented, and you souls who are from Dallas Texas. “Key To Your Heart” is the recently released track by him to all the audience out there. 

Simply put, this song is inescapably awesome – it affects you when you listen, so you just can’t help but listen intently. The depth is clear from the offset, and the sound creates such a sublime atmosphere, that there’s nothing left to do but sit back and listen – sit back and let your mind drift off with the music. 

Poppichi undoubtedly has a skill for painting a very vivid picture with his music, and the music in this case seems to dance in the face of these concerns. The music itself is fantastic, the superb character that comes through from this particular fusion of instruments and elements is undeniably quite striking. The whole way in which this song has been crafted is outstanding. T It’s almost like you’re witnessing some intense piece of theater – the imagery and the ideas conjured up by the music and the very specific lines used in the verses are intense. 

Poppichi has been inspired by lil peep, coldhart, shinigami, lil lotus and he knew he would be doing a great job with his own unique music as well. The way in which the melody seems to loop and wrap itself around you, several times throughout the piece, is yet another element that adds greatly to the hypnotic and calming effect of this song. It’s a gorgeous piece of music, incredibly effective in the way that it reaches out to you, and really well thought out it seems – everything from the title to the instrumentation to the final production. Not a moment was wasted.

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