Excellent vocals light up the progression here, and the soundscape eases and hugs; the vocalist shoots up character and emotion, which in turn fosters that of the story, and scenes are shown.

On Ithenfal’s Wing is a progressive/alternative rock band with certain metal/doom/goth qualities from South Florida. On Ithenfal’s Wing is a shining band in South Florida that mainly records Rock and Metal.

Rising into soft-rock terrains for the hook, contrast gets to grips with to the point that each new section offers a joyful sense of passion and forces you to tune in all the more carefully, effectively drowning out the rest of the world for a few minutes.

On Ithenfal’s Wing, Out pours lyric after lyric into the process, the lead singer giving each moment with just enough theatrics to drag you over – the melody erection and finding itself with just enough of a mesmerizing rhythm to keep you there until the end. And these are great lyrics, naturally relevant, nostalgic, and hooky all at once.

Blending a great use of tune with a brilliant, pleasing build-up and an almost AWOLNATION level of multi-layered hotness, the single is swift to hold listeners and pours over with an amazingly satisfying yet creatively refreshing feeling right up to its finish.

Widespread with superb flickers of guitar work, solicitous lyrics, and just good vocal personality. To add further to that inherent sound and style quickly becoming known as On Ithenfal’s Wing – Key to Then is, for lack of an enhanced term in the heat of the wink, an absolute tune.

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