Blend in a set of conceptually provoking, poetic, and thoughtful lyrics and Key To Then connects on multiple levels.

On Ithenfal’s Wing is a progressive/alternative rock band with firm metal/doom/goth qualities from South Florida. On Ithenfal’s Wing is a shining band in South Florida that mainly records Rock and Metal.

This one’s outback, isolated swagger immediately fills the room with drama and depth. The reverb-washed soundscape quickly becomes hypnotic, eliciting a drunken level of immersive escapism that is lightly guided by the rasp and desperation of a cleanly cut, up-front leading vocal.

The storytelling is excellent, as is the structure and construction of the entire arrangement. The specifics draw you in as these quiet moments allow the vocal to really connect for its affection. Then we get the sudden, enchantingly hooky brightness as things climax – a moment of simple, poetic resolution and repeat – which draws a stylish and fairly timeless hit of melodic fulfillment that will keep music lovers coming back for more.

Throughout the song, contrast is used effectively. There are instances of calmness and folk-rock purity, and these are frequently followed by those that strike them as darker. Key To Then is presented as both a mildly melancholy and an upbeat track. These changing moods and emotions are in constant flux. Even the transition from verse to hook emphasizes the importance of contrast and helps keep your attention as the track evolves and gathers momentum.

Key To Then provides a meditative few minutes, feeling familiar and comforting while remaining mysterious and convincing enough to re-capture a wandering mind every now and then. It’s a song you can listen to over and over.

“On Ithenfal’s Wing” is incredible, exciting, and artistic, as well as fascinating and passionate. Being able to escape from life for a short period of time is a complete fantasy.

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