In typical Punk & Pop Punk flair, Elliott Rubin goes against the grain once more – or rather, swings amidst the increasingly popular realm of alternative media and conspiracies – with this boldly outspoken new single and video “KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN.”

Elliott Rubin is an emerging independent musician who made his professional solo recording debut in 2019 with the album “Love & Daggers.” That record introduced a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with a sound that draws from decades of alternative, Punk, and indie rock. From introspective indie folk to Seattle-style grunge, the album is a testament to his versatility as an artist. A native of Stone Mountain, Georgia, Elliott Rubin is a skilled songwriter who pairs intelligent lyrics with a healthy dose of Rock & Roll adrenaline. 

Now based in Cumming, Georgia, at the punk & poet cut and color co., he recently dropped his first new music in three years. He’s making up for lost time with unfiltered punk rock power. “Kentucky Gentleman” is the brand new single from Elliott Rubin, released worldwide via all primary streaming services on April 26, 2022. The buzz of an overdriven amp introduces the track. Elliott steps to the mic and bangs out his high-octane three-chord anthem of ‘the poster child for fucking up.’ The singer delivers a scathing self-assessment with a sound born of classic 80s hardcore punk.

Featuring powerful vocals and a rise and fall verse dynamic, the tune feels Elliott Rubin distinctly while also translating as an anthem for rock, Punk, and Pop Punk lovers seeking to escape. It’s a song for the fans. It works with raw drumming and enticing guitar solos paired with powerful, stunning, and identifiable vocal movements for a release that rapidly sticks in the memory. 

“KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN” has the presence of a classic Punk & Pop Punk smash, dramatic thanks to the combination of passion and live rock finish. The tune includes a multitude of melodic changes. It has a catchy primary theme and a strong sense of possibilities that persists amid the music’s vitality and optimism.

It’s not simple to apply such fire and bold conviction on the mic without simply shouting, yet Elliott Rubin has recorded a significant portion of this. In the middle of an otherwise overwhelming outpouring of anti-mainstream energy and weight, his songs reach out to stimulate thought, providing melody and even artistry.

Weave in rising guitar and drum passages throughout, one that flawlessly picks up in speed and precision throughout its delightfully extended lifetime. And “KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN” swiftly introduces us to an artist who is courageously dedicated to the craft of creating original yet rooted music.

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