Brace yourself for an extraordinary musical odyssey as junXion, the visionary Dutch epic modern-day progressive rock band, unveils their latest creation, “Epiphany.” This sonic masterpiece takes listeners on a transcendent journey to Planet X, a distant realm in the future, while drawing inspiration from the realities of our present-day Earth.

With their ingenious fusion of jazz/fusion, electronics, and metal, junXion crafts a unique and filmic sound that melds the influences of iconic artists such as Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, Opeth, and Ayreon. Prepare to be spellbound as their meticulously composed symphonies transport you to new dimensions.

Derived from the second album “Stories of the Revolution,” the composition “Epiphany” delves into a captivating narrative subplot exploring the ascent and downfall of a fictitious dictatorial regime. Previously introduced in the debut album “Inevitable RED,” this enthralling tale resurfaces, vividly portraying a determined group of rebels’ audacious attempts to infiltrate a crucial control room under the dictator’s stronghold, with the sole objective of dismantling it completely.

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