Alfred Datonye Oki, a passionate and creatively free gospel singer from the United Kingdom, leads with dynamic acoustic rhythms and long-form musical story-telling for a distinct feeling of individuality.

As a strong starting point, Jesus Is a Winner captivates – the single showcases Datonye’s musicianship with both classic and modern production.

Alfred Datonye Oki, Covid-19’s electronica artist and composer, was unlocked in 2021. Alfred believes that God has given man the music knowledge to glorify Him. Alfred knows nothing, but he will sing to glorify God to make a difference in the world.

Jesus Is a Winner weaves in an accessible, comfortable tune and showcases Alfred’s naturally genuine vocal lead in a familiar, pleasant manner, with classic country bends and inspiring electronica rhythms.

The sound is familiar, but the style is made up of admittedly unique building blocks – character traits, discreetly experimental elements – and these attributes work together to make the song feel both familiar and refreshingly unique.

There’s a lightness and breeziness to the song that immediately puts the listener at ease. The production is airy, with twinkling synths and a light, steady drumbeat. The song has a feeling of upward momentum as if it’s slowly gaining altitude.

This is likely due to the way the melody floats and drifts over the sonic landscape.

Alfred’s voice is warm and inviting, with a rich, slightly raspy timbre. His delivery is confident and assured but not overbearing. The result is a track that feels intimate and personal as if Alfred is sharing a secret with the listener.

The lyrics are direct and straightforward, but they carry a great deal of emotional weight. They tell the story of a relationship that’s been through some tough times but has ultimately triumphed.

The song is ultimately a celebration of Jesus’s love, and it’s hard not to feel swept up in the positive emotions it evokes. Alfred’s voice is the perfect vehicle for conveying these feelings, and the production does a great job of complementing it.

If you’re looking for a feel-good track to lift your spirits, look no further than Alfred Datonye Oki’s Jesus Is a Winner. It’s a perfect example of how powerful and moving gospel music can be.

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