Hip Hop seems to have lost its direction in recent years, with the rise of authentic beats and tremendous energy with a surface-level selection of themes. Fortunately, there are many who are fighting back, and Wavy Westbrook is an artist with a bold and worthy approach to the art form. Nothing says it more clearly than the single “It’s That Time.”

Wavy entered the world of Hip Hop creating music at a young age. He is a crafty hip-hop artist and entertainer from Lancaster, PA, influenced by the style of music known as “TRAPSOUL.” Formerly known as YD, Wavy Westbrook changed his stage name to stand out and match his unique sound. He has opened for the likes of Cardi B, Lil Baby, Yfn Lucci, and many others. 

Wavy has also headlined his own shows. He credits artists like Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa as just a few of his influences. His sound and style of music are unpredictable, catchy, and captivating. Wavy currently has studio records with Gillie the kid, Cassidy, and Casanova. He is presently working on an EP and the release of several singles.

“It’s That Time” is a simple song for modern hip-hop lovers. Wavy Westbrook is driven by a genuine love of music– catchy hooks, simple themes, professionalism, and elegance. This release is far from an exception, offering yet another track that solidifies Wavy Westbrook’s sound and approach as an artist.

While there are flashes of modern hip hop for style points, this just serves to attract a wider audience — the central majority of the music emerges as an alternative song, a go-to that showers down with inspiring beauty and melodies that entice. 

At the same time, the song has a persistent feeling of intention, both lyrically and in the intensity that can be heard throughout the vocals. The delivery, whether rapped or sung, captivates and satisfies.

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