Guardelion is one of the talented and amazing Hardstyle producers. Interstellar is one of the amazing tracks by Hans Zimmer and Guardelion has done a great job by reworking the same to all the audience out there with a great vibe. This is the kind of track that stands out boldly from its peers in terms of how effectively the vast, creative input fuses with the professional and stylish output.

There’s a freshness to the sound, part of this is the undeniable experimentation featured throughout – at no point is the track predictable or a victim to complacency. And yet, at the same time as this, there’s a soothing feeling of repetitiveness; a hypnotic ambiance unfolds as you listen – just as you hope it would when seeking out a new hardstyle to rhythmically mellow the day away.

The music seems to build and change and redirect itself in a series of fast-paced moments that come to an end almost too quickly. The story presented, and indeed, the journey the music takes you on as a listener, is immediately captivating, and the skill and speed with which the instrumentation is performed has the power to really keep hold of you until the whole thing comes to an end. 

The track has a great vibe, it’s addictive; the rhythm is consistent, so it keeps you captive, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has a retro and fairly simplistic nature to it, yet the choice of notes add to the vibe, He adds to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds despite the music seemingly remaining on the same plain throughout. It’s a clever bit of production, and it’s always interesting at all times. It’s the sort of music that is difficult to place within a certain environment, but then without a doubt will fit quite brilliantly amidst whatever it is that you’re doing when you hit play. It’s amazing, it’s atmospheric, and it’s easy to get into.

Things continue down this pathway throughout the set, offering a dash of something we all know and love, some legendary mentions, but presenting it in a somewhat hypnotically ambient and rhythmic manner. It’s like a guilty pleasure done properly. It feels great to lose yourself in the track, and what’s more, everything progresses in a totally satisfying way. 

As mentioned, it’s an unpredictable fusion of elements, but all in all the vibe has a familiarity about it that is likely to bring with it an enjoyable level of nostalgia for many listeners. 

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