Soda King Baby!  brings audiences a fairly nostalgic fusion of hip hop and RnB that undoubtedly leaves its hook melody lingering in your mind after listening. Independent Woman is a smooth and quickly addictive song, the backdrop has a freshness or at least a modern sound about it. The vocal tones and the style of the melody though, plus certain effects and samples within, all point in a more classic direction – reminiscent of a simpler time.

Soda King Baby! Is an upcoming talented RnB artist who hails from Texas. He has a smooth and mellow voice that works beautifully on this track. This, on top of the intro to the song, gives off a sense of this being an artist with a genuine passion for creativity and music. The effectiveness of the hook means that no shouting is necessary – the song works off of the strength of its own progression. The contrast between the verses and the hook also adds a certain dynamic that lets things stand as tall as they ought to. From a songwriting perspective, the song is quite refreshing among the general soundscape of today. The hook is repeated relentlessly, but it’s long enough to pull that off – a long-form chorus section gives you time to get involved, and the bounce and groove of the music makes it a pleasure to do so.

Even with the nostalgic aspects, there’s something new about Soda King Baby! ’s sound and approach – perhaps it would translate even more distinctively in a live setting. In any case, you’re likely to be humming this tune for the rest of the day once you’ve let it playout for the full two and a half minutes. The simple joy of a well-written song upon an entrancing musical groove. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this pouring through playlists everywhere. 

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