Kareem Brooks is an artist and rapper with an easy-going flow and a great ear for melody and well-rounded lyricism. In The Zone Provides the good vibes required to set you off in the right direction as well. Kareem Brooks was born in California and grew up there and in DFW. Having a true passion for music he has been making music since he was a kid. “In The Zone” is a fine example of the creativity and the talent that he has. 

The structure of the track is notably unique and interesting to witness. The melodic hook comes through with the familiar vocal effect of much of modern rap however it’s used here in an uncommon way, and the melody arrives as a fairly tuneful contrast to the weight of the surrounding sections. 

Kareem Brooks undoubtedly offers something fresh and true to his own preferences and their own sense of style and personality.

Kareem Brooks’s feature on the track offers an alternative perspective, a change in character – the vibe is maintained and both vocalists work well within this musical setting. The song’s hook is the key thing to take away from the piece – the melody, the awesome delivery of the words; one by one, directing this whole thing straight into your heart. 

The hook is the main driving force behind the whole release. The rhythm and flow of it is something that comes in just enough times to make sure you know what you’ve experienced and you’ll remember it. The music takes up a lot of space within the track, it’s not merely a backdrop for them to consistently rap upon, this amazing soul has crafted the release with music and mood in mind, and this creativity is something that shines consistently. 


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