Israel’s Quattro music provides a defiantly intriguing and atmospheric new soundtrack, fueled by wonder and exhibiting the absolute best in sound design and expressive musicianship. The artist uses intricate, reflective bits and layers of audio to create “IN MY MIND” for his audience.

The song begins with a timeless techno beat that is easy enough to relate to but skillfully created, with care, to immediately inspire you to crank things up and tune out from the world, and then delves intensely towards upbeat electronic dance music.

From a production standpoint, there are many building components present that contribute to the piece’s overall tone. For dance or atmospheric music, the latter half of the piece ultimately finds the music finding its feet and transforming into something ambient and full.

However, despite the apparent intricacy and depth of the music, the track’s title is a notable juxtaposition with the track’s distinctive layering that is immediately appealing and intriguing for its dramatic structure and boldly developing pace.

Once the click of a rhythm is established, everything begins to lighten and energize – the layers start to fall into place, a sense of rising anticipation rises and grows. The synthetic flickers reach their upbeat yet passionate peaks to create a way for a joyful atmosphere that follows.

But because of Quattro music’s ever-unusual blending, the arrangement is infused with a precise degree of uniqueness that raises the arrangement to more creative realms than it otherwise would have been. To this end, the production meanders and evolves throughout different new melodic peaks that prove to be captivating and unforgettable in nature.

Consistently a producer worth stopping for, Quattro music creates from a place of passion first and foremost and stylishly unites this approach with faultless ability at the digital desk. The result is consistently a sense of originality and audience connection combined, and “IN MY MIND” speaks volumes on behalf of that.

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