ODDxRude’s latest release “In my head” is another hip hop, rap driven song arriving just in time for the beginning of the year. The music is actually fairly spacious considering the rhythm and build up, not to mention the rap-inspired melody and build up to the hook. This leaves the potential for remixes or further collaborations wide open. The simplicity gives listeners, particularly other producers or DJs, room to interpret the track and choose how else to enhance it.

As is only ever the case with hip hop music that has been masterfully crafted and polished, this is the sort of project that you can, and most definitely should, listen to at high volumes. The increase in pace and intensity as things progress is immensely euphoric, it instills within you a feeling of urgency – as the beat picks up, the industrial energy of the soundscape follows, and the whole thing takes over you like an almighty hit of intoxication. And it doesn’t stop there. Submersive creates and completes this three minute long experience without a single moment of carelessness or filler. The strength of the music is unwavering, as is the skill and certainty with which it has been mixed.

Just ODDxRude are the sort of artists you can count on to bring out only the music that means something, and that which is written, performed, recorded and produced to the absolute highest quality. If ever an artist is ready to take those steps away from the underground and reach a much wider audience, these are the things that need to be in place. That truth, that smooth and confident sound, that creative drive, that energy, that professionalism. 

The hook of “In my head” is the main driving force behind the whole release. The rhythm and flow of it is something that comes in just enough times to make sure you know what you’ve experienced and you’ll remember it. That rap and even retro hip-hop vibe is something that is likely to appeal to fans of the genre who’ve become somewhat tired of the overuse of auto-tune and other such modern-day rap music techniques and effects; those that tend to overpower the actual essence and sentiment of the genre. Here the heart of the genre is maintained and celebrated, and this brings a definite sense of realness. Plus, those characters, that personality, it all shines more accessible and honestly in this kind of setting. The more you listen, the more familiar those voices become, and the sound has certain collective qualities that further the authenticity.

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