Jo$h, a rapper, and performer from Houston, already set lofty goals for himself and achieves them with equal aplomb. “In My Bag,” his recent collaboration with Aj McQueen, is an excellent introduction to his work. And it’s a step up in terms of his achievements and the reputation he’s establishing in the scene.

On December 4, 1989, Joshua Jenkins was born in Houston, Texas. He started rapping at the age of 15 after being inspired by the rapper “THE GAME.” Looking to reintroduce REAL Hip-Hop with a Houston twist. Jo$h is a brand that has been an unsigned artist for over ten years and will let the music speak for itself!

The song introduces the artist as honest, insightful, and clearly on the level when it comes to music today and the current sound of the mainstream hip hop and rap worlds, expertly balancing an informative and revealing way with engaging story-telling, along with modern references and accessible vibes.

Leading with a delicate balance of melody and rap, a colorful backdrop with an enthusiastic bounce to it, and clear-cut, upfront vocals, “In My Bag” is a song that gets directly to the point, speaks from the bottom, and remains relevant and exciting in its own way right to the end.

“In My Bag” is professionally made, in keeping with the sounds that are making waves today, standing firm on the simple strengths of hip hop — effortless vibes, subtle anthem-like elements. There’s also just enough of that alternative, late-night intensity to provide true appeal to the music.

The single draw attention early and maintains a steady sense of movement while consistently switching things up, utilizing dynamic and contrast to a great degree. Aj McQueen’s voice feature has a significant impact on all of this.

Changes in vocal tempo, tone, and character keep you intrigued, while high-quality production and a clean-cut vocal delivery help the whole thing really connect. A live event would surely bring a crowd together for a huge moment. Well done.

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