Maya Nichole’s stunningly delicate, expressive, and breathy vocals meet with simple yet elegant piano chords for this refreshingly intimate, poetic, and captivating new single. RnB tones and creative songwriting, with a few familiar lyrical threads for relatability — In Love With The Idea highlights the songwriter and vocalists’ apparent talent at play.

Maya Nichole is an emerging pop artist from the United States. Music is her hobby and her passion. In her own words: “I write songs, I sing songs, I dance, and cry to songs. I love music and all of the arts. We are all artists. Enjoy this process with me.” Maya Nichole’s has released 5 singles on Spotify so far and her latest, “Santa Baby” was released this month. In Love With The Idea is one of her popular releases.

Maya Nichole gets personal and poetic throughout a beautifully purposeful In Love With The Idea, blending the rising anticipation and emotion of a piano-led, synth-kissed soundscape with quiet and low-toned vocals of short lines. The song leads with a distinct feeling of originality amidst an excellent pop layering of elements – the likes of which offer it access to a wider audience.

Maya Nichole’s In Love With The Idea is a refreshingly honest take on modern musicality that returns to the fundamentals for genuine connection.

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