A blessing to discover something of depth and skill and clarity. Lashings of simple yet powerful lyrics repeat throughout the music of In his plan, music which in itself is fairly minimal; music, synthesized ambiance, reverb washed vocals – yet it’s extremely effective – some kind of winning recipe, achieved only occasionally in a world overflowing with music. Lawrence Ejim is one of the talented and magnificent singers from Nigeria. He is more fond of Christian music and He is a leading singer in church and has been performing for many years as well.

The track “In his plan” is gentle, it’s easy to listen to, it fills the room with a mellow sort of ambiance that is calming, but at the same time, there is this massive wave of power within the music. It’s a combination of the vocal skill presented by the artist, and the general way in which the music has been constructed; moving impressively from the soft and subtle, to the outright heavy and attention-grabbing.

There’s an immense wave of melancholy that crashes over you from the start; the feeling is beautifully reflected in the chosen instruments and the notes and riffs with which they make themselves heard. Then, just as you find yourself engrossed in this ambiance, listening intently to the soft and peaceful, slightly haunting opening vocal part, then you’ll find yourself quite unexpectedly submerged in this hugely melodic and captivating song.

The music has been mixed brilliantly, really bringing out the very best in the artist’s vocal performance as well as in the instrumentation surrounding it. The more you listen, the more that melody pulls you in, and before long the whole track is imprinted in your memory. There’s a definite strength in the hook here, and there’s plenty more soul to soak up elsewhere in the song, too. It’s refreshing to hear a singer of this style writing songs that are so new sounding.

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