Despite its brief yet captivating duration, Gmoney’s latest single, “I’m a Savage,” manages to hold the listener’s attention and impress. The soothing presence of a synth-soaked, reflective backdrop is mixed with the fundamental recurrence of the single-noted title word.

Gmoney is a rapper and beatmaker that is passionate about creating music. He resides in Colorado and is not a member of any organizations. Gmoney is a self-made man who does everything on his own.

The snicket, crunchy beat of “I’m a Savage” has the effect of drawing the listener’s attention to the song and, of course, to the Gmoney singing. Or, more accurately, lyrics — there’s a wide variety of them on show. Without a doubt, the overall effect is one of sumptuous grandeur and splendor.

“I’m a Savage” is so captivating that you’ll wonder whether you blinked and missed it in its two and a half minutes. The mix is massive, with colossal blocks of compressed sound making everything seem louder than it actually is. There’s a lovely swirling excess to the mix as well, giving it an almost psychedelic vibe.

As the song proceeds, Gmoney adopts a more deliberate lyrical manner, impressing the listener significantly more in the latter half thanks to brilliant wordplay and having unquestionably found his rhythm and objective with this tune. In this new version, the song’s hook is more potent, and it shows the artist has a firm grasp of metaphor in addition to the modern sound and pertinent references.

Despite its amateurish appearance, the song has a polished look and feel to it that makes it stand out from most current releases. The hook sinks in quickly, as does the artist’s distinctive approach, and musically there’s a lot to enjoy. Gmoney, an artist who skillfully pays homage to that, is vital in making it upbeat without being heavy or straining for swift tempos.

Definitely a good piece of music, with high-quality production, as well as talent and personality – I’m looking forward to hearing where else Gmoney’s music will lead him in the coming months and years.

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