“I’m a Savage” is the latest release by “Gmoney” to all the audience out there. The tracks embedded in this awesome release showcase the highest level of lyricism and musicality in two slightly opposed yet beautifully relevant ways. I’m a Savage” is the opening half of the project, a track with a perfectly mellow and smooth musical backdrop, supported and powerfully enhanced by Gmoney 

’s leading rap vocal. The rapper presents an overwhelmingly calm yet flawlessly executed flow, effectively in keeping with the mood of the piece, yet not without skill or accuracy, and never without passion.

The key melody or hook of the song has the blissful intensity of a classic, the nineties to early noughties Hip Hop track. The lyrics are kept to a minimum, and the hook is the main thing you take away from the whole thing – the simplicity is hugely effective. The backing track takes an industrial-sounding beat and stirs in some summer-time synth sounds, and as things progress, the music that comes into play is an unexpected yet brilliantly fitting addition to the work.

Structurally the track isn’t an obvious one to follow. The music works, the evolution occurs throughout and it makes sense, however unpredictable it may be. The soundscape furthers this unique angle and takes over the latter half of the song superbly, as opposed to merely stepping into the spotlight for the sake of variation. The instrument, whether organically performed or otherwise, is given a freestyle presentation of sorts, a solo even, that lingers longer than expected and redirects the mood of the song just slightly as things move away from the power of that vocal melody.

Production-wise the music is on point, creatively and professionally crafted and so well mixed. The accompanying video allows you a real bit of insight as to who these creatives are and what was potentially the intended output of these songs – what was going through their minds, where these particular moments of expression came from. These are the first few steps for Gmoney  in coming out from behind the scenes and being more vocal, rather than just producing. It’s an exciting time and this first release is just a taste of an upcoming collaboration project entitled As I Am. You can click through to their social links below to stay updated.

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