“I’m a Savage” is Gmoney’s second YouTube video, and the song, which he wrote, produced, and rapped, is set to hit hard and make ripples in the hip hop landscape. With contemporary rap tones, production clarity, and depth of intention linked across a distinct feeling of building expectation.

Gmoney is a rapper/beatmaker that enjoys making songs. He resides in Colorado and is unsigned. He does everything himself.

“I’m a Savage,” which is only two minutes thirty-two in length and structurally complete yet straightforward as a freestyle presentation speaks out on behalf of the artist’s artistry. The tune combines intriguing flickers and a strong baseline with lashings of reverb and an obviously warm, devoted writing and performance style.

Gmoney gives out a furious rap vocal amidst a synthetic and colorful soundtrack of clear potential, blending genres with bold devotion while releasing a mainstream-ready hip-hop single.

“I’m a Savage” adopts a distinct vocal tone, one that is lower-toned and more cleanly blended and up-front. Along with this, the haunting music works well to highlight the diversity and keep things new. The sound then becomes somewhat minimalist with a beat, and the strongly focused voice appears to be an undeniable stream of consciousness.

Strong rhythms, engaging bars, exquisite melodies, and perfect production – the new release, which includes a spotlight on the development of and experiences intermingled with “I’m a Savage,” appears to aim high and meet the mark.

Colorado’s own Gmoney is an unquestionable master of the craft if you haven’t already discovered it. The harmony of intelligent bars, identity, and musical embrace is unparalleled.

Consider the work ethic, the flawlessly on-point approach of an artist devoted to the process, and we’ve entered a whole new area of talent, and indeed modern music.

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