Following on from a string of original releases that are rightfully amassing impressive numbers over on the industry, Colorado’s Rapper/Beatmaker Gmoney injects an outright anthem into the hip hop scene with his superb new rap single “I’m a Savage.”

Gmoney is a Colorado Springs-based rapper and beatmaker. He writes songs and composes rhythms, which he plays live. He also works as a music producer. He is willing to work with anyone who is eager to collaborate with him. He can perform almost any style of music. As a result, no matter what type of music you have in mind, he will be able to meet your requirements. He enjoys music.

“I’m a Savage” makes appropriate use of a simple lyrical loop, for the most part blending rap with melody and delivering clean-cut vocals that meander through numerous flows. It spins a captivating web around listeners, providing just enough depth and diversity across the verse to go further into the subject.

“I’m a Savage’s” musical approach aspires to greatness and succeeds – twisted basslines, dreamy synths, a hip hop-ready rhythm, and a similarly rap-inspired yet expressive vocal.

The whole thing has a freewheeling vibe to it, yet there’s a pre-planned set-up in terms of vocal tone and pacing. With flashes of melody juxtaposing full raps, Gmoney holds nothing back as he conveys the drive of his story.

Really well-done, radio-ready, and expertly straddling the line between underground rap and the mainstream hip hop chemistry that allows a song to reach a much wider audience.

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