It feels like perhaps far too long since something new emerged from singer and songwriter Braxton Taylor. “i’ll never be loved again” is his freshly released track to all the audience out there with a great vibe. His music is always a pleasure to have played for you – his depth and honesty come through gorgeously on every release. This amazing soul is from  Michigan and he loves to make music mainly about heartbreak , relationships with females , friends , family with great music. 

The lyrics make clear what the sentiments are, the subject matter comes through in a detailed and deeply personal, reflective way. The performance itself during those verses seems calm but passionate, there’s a genuine level of heartache in some of those lines, and the leading voice has a definite touch of emotional realness about it. Songs like this, that seek to explore issues that matter and that really affect people, can only be effective when there is nothing fake – when that genuine concern and intent is inherent in the music and in the delivery. That’s why this works, because all of this is here in plain view.

From a songwriting perspective, Braxton taylor always writes from the heart, always manages to successfully fuse the personal and the poetic. In this case, his new ties to the world of combat and protection conjure up a whole world of ideas and images in the mind of the listener, so the words he sings – the scenes he lays out before us – emerge with all the more poignant from the offset.

On top of the musical strength of the ambiance in itself, the vocal melodies and the skill and softness with which he is delivered make for a totally immersive and emotional listening journey. The song seems to bring together elements of various genres and even cultures, this multi-layered, exploration of video flows out around you like a dream sequence.

The subject matter at the heart of this song is something that has the potential to connect with so many listeners, and it is amazing. The flow of the track keeps the level of entertainment present because that’s the hip hop way, but it also gives you just enough of those undeniably honest moments to really give it weight. The song leaves its mark in a strong way, and the music, the performances – everything walks through this topic in unison, reiterating the underlying togetherness that is so heavily highlighted by the storyline. The music is beautiful and the song, on the whole, speaks volumes for its genuine touch.

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