Sensus introduces itself with a surprisingly modest, likable and catchy whistle of a hook, and goes on to build a classic hip hop anthem around this. “If I Went With You” is a freshly released single by this talented soul to the beloved audience out there. Sensus is from Leesburg, VA, USA and he produces, mixes, engineers, and masters all of each song.

“If I Went With You” is a highly recommended track to all the music lovers out there and this will give you a unique flow and a vibe you. Introducing sublime sound design & a clearly emotive yet skillful & stylish way with contemporary production and even though Sensus is a young artist, he knows how to create good music and entertain the audience in a nicer way. 

Featuring a likable soundscape that engages from the offset for its simple click rhythm and a choir-like wave of progression, the single goes on to introduce just enough vocal variants to keep things interesting throughout. “If I Went With You” is a great track that everyone should listen to and as the audience, you all will love the vibe, flow, and every tune of it. 

Creative production and brilliantly anthem-like, rhythmic vocals work in unison to help make this one of the freshest and most memorable tracks to hit the scene this year. Now it is time to listen to this awesome track. Stay tuned with Sensus to witness his awesome future work.

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