Feellove impresses with immediate yet delicate grace and personality on this new release. Having already collaborated with a host of big names the songwriter is clearly perfecting her craft at an immeasurable rate, and this latest single speaks volumes on behalf of that quality and level of identity.

“If I could hold” is a song that pours through with a certain subtle confidence and a simultaneous element of gratitude and appreciation both of which prove inspiring conceptually yet calming on the musical front. The opening moments lay out a fairly classic, electronica kind of trip-hop vibe, a light beat, a few dashes of synth. Then Feellove’s voice emerges amidst this growing rhythm, uniting with the progression as things move onward into the down-tempo territory.

Feellove is a talented emerging artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She fell in love with classic soothing music at a very young age. Once she decided she wanted to be a musician she knew she was going to make songs mainly in the Trip-hop genre with a mix of electronica and downtempo music. With the soft music and the slight beat, her amazing voice takes the center stage in her songs. Feellove’s wide vocal range makes listening to her songs a surreal experience.

Her voice meanders in a totally unique way, switching from spacious and short lines to a quicker pace that’s equally gentle in delivery as the song’s structure makes itself known. That classic vibe stands tall, giving the song something of a vintage, slept-on feel that lights up memories of a simpler time. In the same instance, this voice is categorically something of its own – Feellove has a sound that is undeniably hers, and the way she floats through the stages of the track, with softness yet intention, is beautifully captivating; and genuinely refreshing amidst today’s musical landscape. Absolutely an artist worth knowing about. 

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