Smooth hip hop merging sensitive outpourings with sudden, unexpected humorous redirections – “I Want Pizza,” a collaboration between Lucha Little and Chef Pabbie, is one of the most wonderfully unusual alternative singles in recent months.

“I Want Pizza” is a stunning piece of work. You can really focus on the lyrics because the vocal has a good balance of moist and dry signals. Lucha Little and Chef Pabbie collaborate on some skilfully executed unison voices that hilariously transcend an octave and lead us gradually toward an atmospheric climax.

Having followed that, the voice settles on a more familiar and unique form, successfully tipping its hat to today’s hip-hop arena. However, the beat makes it exciting. The rhythm that pours over you as it passes provides a sense of relaxation and contrasts nicely with the vocal’s tempo and strong attitude.

The music, in particular, captures you right away. The crisp and clear finish works nicely with the classic elements and layers that transport you back through time. Similarly, the synths and samples that surface intermittently throughout have a distinct sense of individuality.

 Lucha Little, from California, is an artist who understands how to create an environment and a moment with his releases, both musically and vocally. “I Want Pizza” presents that sort of inventiveness in an instant, gradually establishing an environment around its listeners that is both contemporary and serene.

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