A true hip hop with a mellow rhythm, that what “I Guess” is. Blue Moon Xing has released his first-ever music release, “I Guess,” on Spotify.

Blue Moon Xing is a beginner hip-hop artist that started releasing his own songs this year. “I Guess” is his debut song release. He is hoping for more streams and comments on his debut song, “I Guess.”

The song is more like a collection of mini songs. Starting with one melody and move on to another melody in the middle. And then again, the melody change happens that listeners may think these are actually three songs in one. All the melodies on this song run smoothly, and mellow synths give the song an extraordinary beauty.

The lyrics are not engrossing; the sounds and vocals don’t highlight in the song. By listening to “I guess,” what we liked about the piece was the mellow rhythm that calms you down. Other than that we expected some drawbacks from the singer as he is an absolute beginner.

“Blue Moon Xing” has so many things to learn about music, sound engineering, and songwriting. We hope that he will improve his skills in the future.

You can listen to “I Guess” by Blue Moon Xing on Spotify.

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