It’s easy to get lost in the lyrics of JADEN PIERCE’s I Am The Future, which has been beautifully created with a generous mix of wet and dry signals.

JADEN PIERCE was is a teen who is known for his fashionable looks and his talents. Before JADEN PIERCE was known as an artist and music producer, he was known all over as the kid who played many instruments. As he came of age, he started to take music more seriously and refused to allow anyone to put him on the defensive. JADEN PIERCEhas played at the national Baptist convention since he was seven years old. The national Baptist way is when all the Baptist churches get together in the United States. “I am just getting started. I’m just asking people to give me a chance,” says JADEN PIERCE. His family is very gifted and talented at music. Angela Pierce and Mitchell Pierce Jr. raised Jaden Pierce. “My mama sings, and my dad plays instruments like the bass guitar, guitar, piano, and drums.” Even though JADEN PIERCE is still growing, he needs your fans’ support.

The tune I Am The Future progresses tremendously in terms of its structure. You’ll notice that the system changes just as you believe you grasp it — the vibe shifts after the first half, becoming much more high intensity, passionate, and even chaotic after the second pause. This breaks down once again for the voice skit that takes place right after the song’s midpoint. Then the ambiance returns, the flow shifts a tiny bit, and you really begin to concentrate on the lines from this point forward. According to tradition, JADEN PIERCE’S work takes the shape of a robust yet gradual builder, offering nothing more than the art of its period and gradually but steadily immersing you in the story and sentiment.

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