Gentle synth melodies and live drums unite for this contemporary fusion of organic pop realms. King Wells brings through an indie-pop color and confidence that lights up the room. I am different is a smooth and subtly catchy single, a strong introduction to the upcoming album, and a fine display of poetic reflection and musical embrace from the artist. Beautifully crafted, rising up from dreamy beginnings to the brightness and energy of its hook, I am different holds closely to a select few riffs and lyrics for an easily memorable core. 

The simple music highlights the vocals and makes it a pleasant experience for everyone who listens to this amazing track. King Wells is a talented musician from Lakewood, CA. He has been passionate about music since he was 3  years old. The church helped him a lot to polish his vocal skills and he started writing Christian songs. Mitch Maanao helped him to break into the mainstream by producing his tracks. Later he met the famed producer Darren Vegas. He immediately spotted his talent and together they released many successful singles such as “Chasing Dreams”. He is on track to release his new album “Broken Me”  for his loyal fans and everyone else who loves soothing music.

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