introduces a marvelously crisp and warm rock sound with soulful vocals in their new single “Hymn.” weaves an imaginatively melodic and conceptual web around listeners with this new track, “Hymn.”

Starting with a fast enticing drum and guitar solo and supporting Alt-rock backdrop, organic and warming from the start, “Hymn” goes on to provide an aptly appreciative, loving single that invites listeners to focus on the right things in life and uplifts and energizes them in the process.

Soon after introducing a highly passionate, uniquely expressive, and emotive vocal lead, the song captures attention for its lyrical backbone as much as these devastating emotions and the wonderfully engaging energy of the soundscape.

While “Hymn” comes across as a straightforward soft Alt-rock ballad to cover or admire in a variety of settings, Ró’s performance and recording of it are remarkable and compelling. The single feels like a classic hit while simultaneously being a moment frozen in time — a raw and unedited expression of private thoughts and poetic insights.

Fantastic, perfect playing, the kind that begs to be seen in a live situation. “Hymn” is a powerful story with powerful performances: an excellent single and one of my personal favorites of the year so far. Pay close attention.

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