An immediately touching and infectious hook starts off this new release from DopeBoyHustlain in the best possible way. Bringing together surprisingly dreamlike, light synth riffs and heavy, dirty bass lines and details, Hustle’in offers a mellow yet creative melodiousness to support the sheer high-energy and faultless bars of the rapper.

DopeBoyHustla is an artist based in New York. He’s been active on Youtube for four years. He creates his music in his home studio and mostly makes rap-style songs.

Initially starts with mellow synths, Hustle’in features a dreamy soundscape but plenty of space and a heavy trap rhythm. Speaking volumes on behalf of the pleasingly humble yet lyrically confident, captivating style of the artist and the upcoming track, Hustle’in does light work engaging its audience. At two minutes forty, there’s no room or need for filler. Only the bars, the riffs, and the hook are necessary.

Impressive in character and rhyme scheme, musically fresh – Hustle’in feels nostalgic and straightforward at the same time as being original and refreshing in its carefree yet clever take on the subject.

Check out Hustle’in by DopeBoyHustla on Youtube.

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