Humble Ways is a true rap song from the beginning to the end that listeners will love to hear because of its vocal style.

Tauruio is an 18-year-old rap artist from Atlanta, Georgia. At such a young age, this boy has an extremely bright future in the rap industry. His voice is flawless, strong, and confident that many rap artists lack in. For a beginner, he sings in this song “Humble Ways” in a unique style that the listener may get confused with his voice for a pro artist. He just joined Spotify about a year ago, and he has released four singles and four albums so far.

Humble Ways starts with a computerized synth that works as an infectious hook throughout the song. The beats are consistent and up to the rhythm. The lyrics are flawless, and the vocals are straight and confident. Tauruio’s voice perfectly fits for a rapper. His voice is deep, and he has a flawless singing style. Perhaps, a bit more tunes would shine the song a little more, but that’s how he chose to create this song, and we are ok with that.

Listen to “Humble Ways” on Spotify. Follow Tautuio on Twitter and Instagram.

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